Title 24 Report
Title 24 Report

We are the leading Title 24 report provider of Southern California. We offer Title 24 reports for New construction, Room Additions, Remodels and much more. We offer a fixed price of $245 per report (projects under 6,000 s.f.)

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Residential Title 24 California Reports

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Is your local building department requesting that you submit a title 24 report energy report for your project? We at SoCalT24.com offer a flat rate fee of $245 per report (projects under 6,000 s.f). No extras for Title 24 registration, plan check corrections (assuming not changes were made to design) no gimmicks.

This includes new construction, room additions, remodels, apartments (contact us for pricing), if it is residential energy title 24 reports we have it covered.

Our reports include State certification and filing fees in our fixed price.

When do you have to have a Title 24 Energy Calculation for your Residential Project?

Starting in 2005, all residential projects required a title 24 reportprior to City/County approval. The 2016 energy code, now incorporates newer technology and methods of modern construction.

The standards has become very strict and now are mandated and overlooked by the State of California.

When do I need to submit a Title 24 Calculation Report?

California title 24 energy compliance documentation is required prior to issuing City/County building permits.

The City/County may require a title 24 report when:

  • Replacing windows
  • Room addition
  • Garage conversions
  • Remodels
  • Replacing a water heater
  • Replacing a HVAC unit, etc.
  • ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units)

How much does a Title 24 Energy Calculation Report cost?

Here at SoCalT24.com we offer consulting on all residential projects. Our prices are a FIXED FEE of $245 for any size or type of residential project*, and our turn around time is typically 3-5 business days.

We perform energy calculations to demonstrate compliance with the most current energy standards per the 2016 California Energy Codes. We use the latest software mandated by the California Energy Commission.

The title 24 energy report will include all the forms required for the State of California and your local building department.

We guarantee that our work will be approved by your local building department, if for any reason there are plan check corrections, we provide the changes at no charge to you, including the State re-certification of your Title 24 report.

Start your project now by clicking the “Submit Title 24” page or call us at (909) 257-7547

*Prices subject to changes for projects over 6,000 s.f.