Title 24 Report
Title 24 Report

We are the leading Title 24 report provider of Southern California. We offer Title 24 reports for New construction, Room Additions, Remodels and much more. We offer a fixed price of $245 per report (projects under 6,000 s.f.)

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California Title 24

Below are a list of useful links to learn more about the California Title 24 Part 6 energy code, HERS registration, and General California Title 24 Code requirements. These useful links will help you learn about California’s goal and the essentials of Energy Conservation. In addition there is information on the current registration process website that is required for City/ County approval. The Title 24 community is large and getting larger and there are also links to the foundations that govern and implement energy efficiency.

Consumer Energy Center – Residential

The Consumer Energy Centers website will give you more information on energy consumption, current rebates and incentives, and online videos to learn more about Energy efficiency


Create an Account on Calcerts for Title 24 Registration

CalCerts Website and Information

Use the link above to create an account on CalCerts. Once the appropriate account is created we can register the California Title 24 report in the California Title 24 registry database.


Register the California Title 24 report in the California Title 24 registry database.

California Association of Building Energy Consultants

Learn more about the Association of Building Energy Consultant, and what they do, We are a proud Good Standing member of this community.